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Rail Car Cleaning

Rail Car Cleaning​

  • E-railsafe - CN CP Field Contractor Certification. The eRailsafe program insures that contractors in Canada complete safety and security awareness training. All certified contractors have had a Federal Security background check.
  • Salt Cake
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Bunker Fuel
  • Bitumen
  • Pre-Spark Test cleaning
  • Confined Space Certified
  • Custom tooling design built in house
  • Hazardous Waste Hauling (LT0052)
  • Derailment Response - High Rail Vacuum Truck

Walco Industries Cleaning Methods:

Our company will determine which cleaning method to use based on the material build up

  • Steam
  • High or Ultra High Pressure Water
  • Fogger wash systems using high pressure hot water and automated 3D tooling

Sanitation Process

 Upon completion of the wash, our certified confined space entry team may enter if required, to remove any residues that were left behind. Once the residues are removed, our team meticulously cleans all the critical control points.

If requested by our customer we will then wash the tank with a detergent and sanitize it. Once the vessel has been air dried the surfaces may be microbial swab tested. A final  inspection is completed and the vessel handed back to the customer.


Aditional Cleaning Practice:


If residues are left behind after a fogger wash, we remove them using hand tools, or High Pressure Water Jets up to 40,000 PSI


Heel Removal


Depending on the density, impurity content, melting point, polymerization and viscosity the heel may be transferred into another vessel for market or simply removed and transported to a designated facility

Clean and Dry Certified

Once the vessel is thoroughly cleaned and inspected it is then dried with a high BTU indirect heater to achieve certified Clean and Dry Specifications. Care is taken to not damage the potentially sensitive linings. Walco works in conjunction with the customer to verify tank coatings specifications and researches proper qualility control to protect the customers assets